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​We will travel to a hotel in Shinjuku.

Desired date and time

Desired course time

45 minutes 3000 yen

60 minutes 6000 yen

90 minutes 9000 yen

Presence or absence of beams

With or without moxibustion

​Please let us know if you prefer only manual techniques.

Please tell us the name of the hotel you are staying at.

Transportation fee to Nishi-Shinjuku is 0 yen.

​Other places in Shinjuku charge 1000 yen.

Please cancel the domain.


We plan to reply to you.

If you are unable to reply immediately, please note that there are time limits. .

We will be hotel where you are staying for treatment

Please let me know your information by Email


What hotel are you staying at?
Please tell us the date & time you want.

Next, tell us the menu course you would like.

45minite Yen3,000

60min Yen6,000

90minite Yen9,000

±aqupuncture if you need

±moxibustion if you need

hand massage 

area NishiShinjuku  Transportation is free.

Other Shinjuku area costs 1000Yen for taransportation.


Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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