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 gold needle

 Needle of Gold

From 2 pieces

(+2000 yen)

These 20K needles are carefully handcrafted one by one by a needle craftsman.

The recommended number of uses is approximately 3 times.

(Unlike stainless steel type needles)Not disposable. )

 It will not be used by anyone else.

(Keep Needle)

After use, it will be sterilized and stored individually in a glass container.

Gold is considered to be a substance close to the body, and has been valued as a medicine for immortality since ancient times.

​ Therefore, the implementation of gold needles has a high affinity for the body,


It is said to be less burdensome.

It may take about a week from the time of order. ​

If you have any requests for options, please let us know in the notes section of the reservation form.

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